• Lightning-fast queries and aggregations
  • Rules-based data validation and remediation (with Cedar Validate)
  • Chained transformation engine
  • Data anonymization
  • Real-time eventing
  • Live system diagnostics dashboard
  • More to come!

System Integration...

Developers want a modern, open, standards-based canvas for creating the next wave of game-changing apps.  But all too frequently, the data needed to drive these innovations are cloistered away, locked up in legacy silos with proprietary API’s, hamstrung by batch CSV exports, or — at best — exposed by an alphabet soup of “standards” of all different makes and models.  CedarExpert abstracts away the noise, and allows your team to build on a unified model based on a solid foundation of open standards and proven performance.

Privacy MATTERS.
Ownership MATTERS.

It seems obvious, but we believe YOU should own YOUR data. Whether your operational data store is hosted or resides in your internal data center, you should never be asked to compromise on this key point. Your data is not our corporate asset – unlike closed, proprietary options, you remain completely untethered to any vendor, and your data is always under your complete control.

Your Project

Walk through our online “Getting Started” guide to get your feet wet. Stand up a demo instance in our free, open access Sandbox environment. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, migrate your prototype to a private deployment. We make it fast, easy, and painless to get started.