Privacy-first, one-stop data management.

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You want to focus on using technology to help teachers, not on back-end data management. You want the confidence of knowing you have student data privacy under control. Now you can have it all, with one solution. Finally, there's a data integration system that understands the real complexities you deal with every day.


  • Saying yes to your teachers when they want to use a new product that might not meet a specific data integration standard or fit a "cookie cutter" data integration model.
  • Having a single dashboard to help you ensure clean and accurate data throughout your systems, eliminating variability and training issues across all your data entry staff.
  • Declaring the end of the onerous flat file data exchange back and forth with the state.
  • Providing transparency to families about where their children’s data are, and what privacy and security obligations your vendors have agreed to.
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How We Work

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Data Integration

Connect to any data source, using any standard. SIF, Ed-Fi, OneRoster, proprietary API, even flat file CSV uploads. We upcycle any older technologies in real time, so you still have a single, modern infrastructure to connect to, with all your data in one place. Send data out where it needs to go - sending only the data that needs to be sent. Our simple interface lets you specify the export format, whether it’s standards-based or a unique flat file format that concatenates three fields into one but only when pulling data from these two grades at these three schools and when it’s this one teacher you need to substitute the course get the idea. It’s crazy-flexible and completely self-service. Or have us build and validate your export formats for you.

Data Validation

The more people you have entering data into your systems, the more “creative” the data entry can get. Easily validate and track data issues across your system, with real-time reports and straightforward tools for correcting data once, at the source. In a pinch and can’t get the data into the source in time? Tie it to our data integration export tool, and stub in a quick solution to get data where it needs to go right away, so everyone can get logged in, data can be where it needs to be, and technology can be the hero.

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State Reporting

We reimagined the state reporting process. No more back-and-forth exchanges of flat files. Our “snapshot” process guides your state reporting staff to fix data at the source, and it takes the stress out of state reporting windows by freezing the data so only desired changes get reported. Even if your state hasn’t learned how great we are yet, you can still take advantage of our flexible tools to streamline your own state reporting process and make your neighboring districts jealous.


Hand families an easy-to-read report that shows them every system their child’s data are in, what data are shared, and what privacy and security obligations each system is bound by. If you’re an SDPC member, or part of a consortium or state that’s a member, our system connects to the SDPC registry, so your contract agreements flow in automatically. If not, we give you a self-service option to record your contract details. Your principals are going to be so thankful.

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