Protecting Student Privacy

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It isn’t enough to simply have a tool that makes sharing data easier.

Interoperability needs to be balanced with a careful consideration to the privacy obligations of those entrusted with personal data.

We support your statewide, consortium, or district-level privacy agreements. Our system connects to the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) registry, providing a one-stop system that manages and communicates the privacy and security agreements that are in place. Pairing privacy with data integration gives you a system that’s both connected and secure.


Our approach to privacy has four main pillars:

1. Your data are your data.

We never provide your data to anyone without authorization. Never. We have signed the Future of Privacy Forum’s Student Data Privacy Pledge and are a signatory on the SDPC data privacy agreement.

We aren’t like those companies that give you “free” services so they can turn around and make money off of your data. Maintaining the security and privacy of your data is our business.

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2. Schools should have control over their data.

Our tools are designed to give you complete, surgical control over which data are shared with which software systems. Detailed filters let you manage which students and staff are shared, which data fields, and whether any of those fields need to be anonymized. Supporting your efforts to keep data private should be the default.

3. Our systems meet the highest standards.

From using the most advanced security and privacy tools available to conducting our own internal reviews of data privacy and security practices, we make sure we are part of the solution.

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4. We are leaders on student data privacy.

It isn’t enough to “go with the flow” on matters that are so important to the success of educational technology.

We pioneered a first-of-a-kind privacy obligation toolset, in partnership with Cambridge Public Schools and the SDPC. We are on the team that is coordinating privacy objects with the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS). We continue to volunteer significant time and resources to support this work.

Privacy Pledges and Partners

As educators and parents ourselves, we want kids to grow up safe from having their education data used inappropriately. That's why we support the work of organizations like:

Project Unicorn Pledge
Future of Privacy Forum
Student Data Privacy Consortium

Have the answers to these parent questions at your fingertips.

  1. What software systems are my child's data shared with?
  2. What privacy and security measures do those systems have in place to protect my child's data?
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