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We know your goal is for a smooth data collection process for you and your districts. That's why we've created a new approach to state reporting that is fast, accurate, secure, and relatively painless. No more back-and-forth exchanges of flat files. Our “snapshot” process guides districts to fix data at the source, and it takes the stress out of state reporting windows by freezing the data so only relevant changes get reported. Best of all, it means you have accurate data for your SLDS, federal reporting, or populating your internal software.

Get the clean, accurate information you need from all your districts, for all your state and federal reporting, while also connecting all your internal data sources seamlessly and in real time. Our state-of-the-art toolset gives you complete visibility into the data integration process, making troubleshooting a snap. Our true "cloud-native" architecture gets you the most modern, efficient, and secure infrastructure you can find. We process millions of records in a matter of minutes, at a fraction of the cost. The future of education data is evolving to require more complex data, needed by more systems, available in real time, with increased flexibility and security. We make sure you’re ready for it.

We'll take care of both getting and sending the data, whether it's coming from or going to your district software systems, state assessment systems, or other outside systems such as higher education, health and human services, and labor/workforce. And we convert the data in real time, so it matches whatever formats those systems need to send and receive data. Whether it's standards such as CEDS, SIF, Ed-Fi, and OneRoster; proprietary API; or flat file CSV uploads, we can handle them all. Because we're cloud-native, it's easily scalable, so you can start with as small or as large a project as you'd like.


  • No call-backs to districts to resubmit because of undiscovered errors
  • No repeated errors coming in from districts, thanks to our state reporting process that fixes issues at the source systems
  • No finding yourself stuck with high consulting or development costs every time you need a new feature or to solve a new problem
  • No delays: be able to quickly adapt to changing requirements, while still maintaining security, stability, and accuracy
  • No surprises: integrate your own software and databases easily
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How We Work

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Data Integration

Connect to any data source, using any format or standard. We handle all versions of SIF or Ed-Fi. We can tackle outliers that can’t reach compliance with a standard, or still need to report using flat file CSV uploads...even districts that don’t use an SIS.  We upcycle any older technologies in real time, so you still have a single, modern infrastructure to connect to, with all your data in one place. Our approach will get you to 100% district and vendor participation. Move forward on your SLDS or federal reporting project, without getting held up waiting for outliers to reach compliance. Then use your infrastructure to quickly tackle new problems as they come up.

Data Validation

Our data validation engine can handle the most complicated validation rules you need to throw at it. We provide real-time, efficient processing of millions of records, with hundreds of validation rules to ensure accuracy. Track data changes and re-apply validations automatically. Provide easy-to-use interfaces for your districts to view and correct their own validation issues, at the source, so errors aren't perpetuated each time they send new data.

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State and Federal Reporting

We reimagined the state reporting process. We collect data in real time from your districts, and allow for either continuous reporting or a "snapshot" of data at a point in time. Validation checks allow districts to correct issues quickly and permanently, by making changes in their source systems and updating the snapshot. So all data are clean before they submit. Your districts will thank you for it.

And, push the easy button on your SLDS and Generate reporting. We helped develop a first-of-a-kind, open source, CEDS-compliant data lake, providing unparalleled flexibility and performance while remaining in step with the CEDS standard. We also pioneered the implementation of Generate in the cloud, providing significant cost savings and time savings. See how we can help you implement a robust SLDS to meet all your data and reporting needs, leveraging the latest technology to remain cost-effective and future-ready.


Are you or your districts SDPC members? We support your statewide, consortium, or district-level privacy agreements. Our system connects to the SDPC registry, providing a one-stop system that manages and communicates the privacy and security agreements that are in place. Pairing privacy with data integration gives you a system that’s both connected and secure.

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