Data integration for application developers.

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We aim to level the playing field:

  • to refocus application development on the power of the application, rather than cumbersome data integration.
  • to make innovative technology available and easy to implement in schools
  • to make sure schools truly own their data. 
Let’s work together to get the hurdles out of the way and empower teachers, so they can more fully engage their students.


  • Keeping up with multiple standards and versions. Instead, you can develop to one open standard via a RESTful API and have us bridge the gap to all other standards and standards versions, CSV, or proprietary API.
  • Checking the interoperability boxes on every RFP. Confidently say you are interoperable with every system out there.
  • Not having to pay exorbitant fees to meet a data integrator's proprietary standard, or trying to make your data needs fit in a cookie-cutter standard.
  • Being a leader in data privacy.
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How We Work

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Data Integration

You didn’t get into ed tech because you love data integration. We did. Our universal data integration service can get data into and out of your system from anywhere. We work with any open standard, proprietary API, or even just a simple flat file CSV upload. You get bi-directional interoperability with all your customers and vendor partners, in real time, via one simple, modern, REST API.

Data Validation

Tired of spending time and money supporting districts that aren't sending data properly? Or sorting out data integration issues with other vendors that always point the finger before they solve the problem? Our data validation service provides transparency to data integration issues, giving you and your customers a way to track and repair data issues before they become problems. Our real-time reports and simple self-service interfaces make sure data are corrected once, at the source.

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State Reporting

If you're responsible for providing your districts' data to states for reporting, you know how much time and money you're spending on this. Connect to our system, and we'll handle reporting across all your states and standards. We'll turn what was once a drain on your resources into a differentiator you can offer your districts. Lemons, meet lemonade.


With membership across over half the United States, the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC) has become the de facto standard for meeting district privacy needs. Our system connects you to the SDPC registry, so your districts' contract agreements flow in automatically. When prospective customers ask you about your commitment to privacy, not only can you say "yes," you can say "yes and..."

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