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First-ever CEDS Data Lake launched in Maine

by Cedar Labs, on Jun 30, 2022 12:45:00 PM

Minneapolis, MN: Cedar Labs continues to be a leader in the open source community, furthering the use of future-ready technologies that remain aligned to standards. The most recent implementation of a Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) aligned Data Lake is no exception, providing states with the ability to implement this highly performant, cost-effective technology for their State Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS), while remaining aligned to CEDS. 

In collaboration with Maine Department of Education and their implementation partner, Cedar Labs, CEDS developed a template to create CEDS-compliant Apache Parquet files that replicate the CEDS SQL Data Warehouse, available now in the Data Warehouse Parquet Repository on the CEDS Open Source Community (OSC).

Apache Parquet is an open source, column-oriented data file format designed for efficient data storage and retrieval. It provides efficient data compression with enhanced performance to handle complex data in bulk.

The project is part of a larger partnership between Maine Department of Education, Cedar Labs, and eScholar to provide a cloud-native State Longitudinal Data System that supports both public-facing and federal reporting. The three organizations recently presented on this project at the 2022 Stats DC virtual conference - more information is available here.

“The implementation of the CEDS data lake by Cedar Labs and reporting by eScholar has been phenomenal. The level of quality of these reports is a giant leap forward for MDOE, and having one data pipeline that supports both public reporting and our federal reporting will greatly simplify our work.” reports Katherine Warren, Education Data Manager at Maine Department of Education.

About Cedar Labs: Cedar Labs is an education software company based in Minneapolis, MN, focusing on education data integration and data privacy. Founded by educators in 2013, Cedar Labs serves over 3 million students across the globe, and supports the open standards and privacy movements in education through its leadership and support of organizations such as CEDS, A4L and SDPC.

About eScholar: eScholar connects data, solves problems, and empowers decisions for education agencies across the country. eScholar’s solutions suite includes statewide longitudinal data systems, early childhood integrated data systems, unique identifier systems, matching systems, and more. eScholar’s award-winning solutions support the work and education of over 50 million individuals.

About MDOE: The Maine Department of Education is taking a Whole Student perspective to setting strategic education priorities in Maine.  We are currently focusing our strategic initiatives in data and technology on data and data systems integration and interoperability. As we modernize our processes and practices we seek to prioritize accurate, complete and timely data collection, giving time back to our districts and ensuring our investments in architecture and infrastructure will meet the needs of Maine’s educators and policy makers well into the future. 

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